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Dawn of War 2: Retribution | Grey Knights — Elite Mod

3.19.1 Elite Mod 2.0.5

Listen to Indrid ramble about the new Grey Knights faction implemented by the Elite Mod team. Grey Knights are still work in progress, so everything is subject to change and further balance tweaks.


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Features music from Kevin MacLeod @
Jordan Sellner 8.10.2014, 09:57
I wish they could add the dreadknight in the mod
josh sutton 12.3.2015, 20:19
It would be cool if you did this with each fraction
Matthew Brady 13.8.2014, 01:45
No Dreadknight? Could be a cool god unit.
UnmotivatedGenius 3.12.2014, 03:12
Is there a way to have this mod while also having say something like 250 unit cap?
Jacob Sailer 11.1.2014, 20:59
Always thought it was cool that Stormtroopers were a Tier 1 unit, so they end up being your standard infantry. I always felt Stromtroopers should have been kept in a separate Inquisitional and Grey Knights, instead of Guard. I just think that having Kasrkins and Grenadiers instead of Troopers always made a little bit more sense for the Guard. 
Daniel Hurtig 1.10.2014, 21:52
Next up: Reaver Titan.
Lord Inquisitor 18.11.2013, 21:43
oh man thanks for this vid this mod is awesome :D
Oliver Allen 2.1.2014, 02:54
Those aren't psycannons @ 18:40, those are psilencers, which are garbage vs most everything that's not low armor infantry/daemons. 
K0ragg 20.10.2012, 20:03
The whole ideea of his comments is that you are speaking nonsense, you can clearly distinguish the units between them via aspect/weapons they holding or small differences in armor, and they don't overlap in roles just because 2 of them have incinerators, the meele squads get 1 incinerator on 1 member only, thats not even close enough to the 3 man incinerator squad. Pardon me, but you are rambling absolute bullshit.They have done a great work to give them a unique feel, and they just warmed up.
Indrid Casts 30.5.2013, 09:15
Shatter 20.4.2013, 17:31
It's mainly a conflict of principle. My computer belongs to me, and I don't like the idea of giving an outside party any degree of "say" over what I can and cannot install and use on my own property. I'm a developer myself, so I fully support Relic. But I do not like Steam.
FPSGamerGuy 10.7.2013, 19:24
Grey knights need to be a playable race in the campaign of future DOW's. That would be sick. "Daemons and heretics will fall before us!"
tigermunky 18.10.2012, 15:56
I didn't even notice the fog until Syntheticgod8 mentioned it. So I will have to argue that on my screen it looks fine.
DerOrk 25.7.2013, 11:10
Grey Knights use Voicelines from Space Marines and Imperial Guard, so I would think they work in every other language too, but I never tested it.
nope land raiders are the only space marines heavy tanks, including grey knights
David Bliss 16.10.2012, 04:27
At this point I would have no problem with a GK mirror match. Even if a lot of the stuff is temporary and the fluff would make no sense.
HeartShapedMan 29.10.2012, 20:48
Read the description man
TheStargateNerd 30.11.2012, 15:53
You probably shouldn't have stood in the middle of the fan thingie. The steam kind of disrupts the image. Nice video!
kodohumper 18.10.2012, 15:52
These units are pathetic from a gameplay perspective. All their silhouettes are the same, the hq are identical to the terminators, all the t1 squads look identical and have role overlap all the models are the same all the animations are the same. I don't know who made the mod, but they made some neat models. They just phoned in the execution of an army, the whole point is you should be able to identify units on sight immediately. They need some game design lessons. Especially for an RTS.
Kevin Rouse 24.9.2013, 10:12
Ehh, Dawn of War 2 is more factions and stuff. x-x Not like Dawn of War where you just get errything almost. >_>
Crealtos 18.10.2012, 11:20
They are already available.
MyMe 16.10.2012, 18:46
Wolffe1166 19.3.2013, 14:01
As a warhammer fanboy, I support adding Landraiders. In Warhammer, the ultimate assault transport is the Land Raider for force of the Imperium...
501st Special Operations 30.4.2013, 17:53
Indrid Casts 14.8.2013, 21:50
I don't have any direct say, but I throw out ideas on the forums as everyone does.

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