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Installing Creed’s ROM 3. 5 on Samsung Galaxy Y + Bonus

DerbyDrifter ;]] 30.10.2014, 15:20
are you bulgarian ?
santhosh kumar 16.11.2014, 01:18
The Creed's Rom 3.5 is it work on Samsung galaxy y duos lite ?? please help me ..
Mikee Ramirez 24.7.2014, 00:05
installation aborted when i click what should i do? notice me please T^T
Programmer Licie 11.10.2014, 02:38
thanks for sharing :0
Kim Justimbaste 17.5.2014, 05:25
The Creed's Rom 3.5 and ICS trans link won't open :( i want to try this so please help
KRYPTONIAN SAMAD 22.9.2014, 04:27
Hi! I installed Creed's 3.5, everything went well however , I lost my IMEI number and the Wi-Fi Mac address also changed. Please Help.
nawfal faraji 9.9.2014, 09:13
please i have install creed rom 3.5 in galaxy young s6310
António Casanova 29.8.2014, 17:06
Cool ROM but i can´t import my contacts to the phone again. Any solution?
nafi rahfi 29.5.2014, 13:06
is this stable?
lorenz mina 3.8.2014, 10:05
can anyone help me? im stuck in booting. i had followed the guide but still i end up stucking. help me please 
issame ibba 4.8.2014, 14:15
Charlie Alicante 13.7.2014, 22:14
im using an iOS7 rom with cyanogen mod can i replace it with this directly?
Jamaica Rieyan Fajardo 7.7.2014, 09:26
I Love this! :D Thank You! :D
Mohd Fareez 16.5.2014, 07:50
Why I can update play store?
emmanuel guinto 11.5.2014, 07:09
cmw should download again after you download should open/run it ...that's it.!!
emmanuel guinto 14.5.2014, 09:15
if you have wifi problem ,this ! Installing Creed's ROM 3.5 on Samsung Galaxy Y + Bonus
abdellah zamzami 28.3.2014, 17:38
i loved thx brow
nasro chakib 19.3.2014, 08:48
mailson lima 17.12.2013, 22:28
my fc are in airplane mode please help me
peter rodriguez 8.7.2014, 09:47
ZIP file and what is the ather one??
Dominic San Luis 28.6.2014, 21:24
How can i backup my data and where can i download file. Where can i download the themes?
peter rodriguez 8.7.2014, 09:46
sir what is the file i will DL in my SD card to do that?? plss help me
islam ezel 30.1.2014, 12:14
android ???
Aakash Balyan 6.1.2014, 03:27
It does not detect any signal after installing !!!! My imei is gone
Michael Delfin 30.12.2013, 07:05
is it ok even im rooted?

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