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Ai no kotodama 2 (Love Scene)

Movie: Ai no kotodama 2 Sekai no Hate Made
kpoplurver 24.10.2012, 15:25
i wanna watch e movie in eng sub but cmt find ㅠㅠㅠ
gwenpookie 6.11.2011, 03:16
@ellieg4453 Me either, but ,, not going to stop me from watching it...I even downloaded this. Just can't find any one to sub it...
MrsBrickizzle 9.11.2011, 22:06
hahahahahahahahahahhaha wtf hahahahah
yira toyuki 9.10.2011, 16:42
takumi-kun is best!
nyappy64 24.10.2011, 20:08
is the first time I see it,and i like it!!!
Bruna Martins 23.1.2012, 01:17
Essa cena de amor ficou bem parecida com a do primeiro Ai No Kotodama. ._.
Harukita Utsunomiya 31.10.2011, 02:56
omg yaoi! cute <3
Miko Makai 15.2.2012, 16:34
um....can someone check my pulse? Because.....I think I'm in Heaven! =^^=
marthlowell1 19.9.2012, 23:32
very very nice ;]
Kissuforever 6.3.2012, 18:00
he is..SOOO..skinnyyyyyy
AnimaTale 13.2.2012, 08:33
xD... i can't watch it.. it's too much for mee xD
MH.Re 27.5.2012, 01:45
sooo true.
Lu lu 1.11.2011, 10:34
Ai no Kotodama 1 was better than this ... sorry
Ashley Westbrook 3.8.2012, 19:47
3:32 hairy pit!!! I still love this though! XD
CarroKaulitz1 16.10.2011, 21:03
this is sooo cute !!:O
ilovedanmei 4.11.2012, 21:06
I like ....__
K.Yamada 29.2.2012, 01:38
@Tifa7767 LMFAO! totally lost my perverted nature after reading this, all I could do is laugh!! hahaha
takami727254 21.7.2012, 22:55
Hannah Annafeloz 24.2.2012, 12:08
ahhhhhhhhhh no lo puedo creer
gwenpookie 19.5.2012, 10:50
I so agree, I think the young skinny guy is not really gay...and to play a gay guy with a real gay actor might have made him to nerves... the other guy, has done other movies and done love scenes, with no problems....
Kim Exa 17.8.2012, 20:49
where i can find this movie with eng sub and full?? i'm so coriuos about this movie :(
devascoyanda 4.12.2011, 18:16
were perverts ...¬¬ but its coool<3
TheIGN70 6.11.2011, 18:02
awwww ^w^ puppy love
Yearofthetiger1998 29.9.2012, 17:53
you can tell becaus ethe young guy isnt doing anything its all the other guy it doesnt even look like hes there
ellieg4453 30.10.2011, 22:09
dammit y do i not know japanese!!!!!!!!!!

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