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Beit Kya Hai — Mehfil e Khattab / Pir Naseer ud Din Naseer

Mehfil e Khattab / Pir Naseer ud Din Naseer /
Haq Naseer Ya Naseer
Nabeel Qumar 1.11.2014, 05:36
Shahzadwaheed Jutt 24.11.2014, 04:14
Adeel shahzad very nice Bain
Majid Hussan 27.8.2014, 09:16
dost is ka first part b upload karo na
M Zahid 25.10.2014, 15:56
Pir Naseer ud Din Naseer Ma Mha Allah 
Muzaffar Ahmad 25.10.2014, 21:00
Bohat Khoob
Ali Bhatti 27.10.2014, 16:19
fahad javed 9.10.2014, 13:52
Imran Mirza 22.8.2014, 11:55
safian javid 7.8.2014, 23:11
Brothers writing such degraded and filth against peer naseerudin Rahma ullah you will be held accountable for your words posted. So be prepared to answer as you have slandered him and other ulama sitting on stage. May الله give you hidayat.
Rashid Ali 5.7.2014, 20:32
Masha Allah
Imtiaz Ahmed 22.6.2014, 14:19
Hamza Ghias 16.6.2014, 15:54
muhammad Ayaz 12.6.2014, 17:15
PURANI YADAIN 11.6.2014, 13:14
Subhan Allah
mukhtar ahmed 30.5.2014, 02:45
subhan allah
kamran raja 23.5.2014, 06:04
subhan ALLAH
ali raza 29.12.2013, 13:07
Roon Toon 26.7.2014, 14:56
kya bat hai
Rehan Qadri 13.3.2014, 13:24
Abdul Awaisi 31.8.2012, 10:23
Subhan Allah Hazrat pir Naseer ud din Naseer AR ALLAH TAALA TUJHEY JNNAT DEY A.G.A- u s a
mohd. farhan patel 21.4.2013, 15:31
haq woh jo nabi sws ke tareeke pe chaley
MohsinAlley 21.2.2013, 19:31
its a prostrate of respect NOT the prostrate of Worship... Sajda is of two types.. Sujud e Ibadah and Sujud e Tazeem
muhammad naseem 1.5.2013, 09:15
ijaz1367 30.8.2012, 17:58
someone prostrates in front of him. he does not stop him. these ignorant so called pirs like people doing these kind of actions. He should have stopped him straight away and explained the masla to the people straight away. His speech indicates so much pride.
Niqash Tahir 19.8.2012, 06:31
very great pir naseer ud din ch tahir naqash gujjar dullanwala

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