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Mill Lumber with Your Chainsaw — Norwood PortaMill Chainsaw Sawmill — Portable Chain Saw Mill

Have your own woodlot? Want to mill lumber in a remote location?

Mill your own lumber with your own portable chainsaw sawmill. The Norwood PortaMill chainsaw sawmill is easy-to-use, accurate and very portable. Mill lumber from hardwood and softwood logs. The PortaMill chainsaw sawmill has a 14» log capacity. Adapts to all chainsaws including Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws.

Norwood has been designing and building rugged, dependable portable sawmills (both band sawmills and chainsaw sawmills) for nearly 20 years. The Norwood PortaMill chainsaw sawmill is backed by a one-year warranty and life-time toll-free telephone support.

See how a Norwood portable sawmill can work for you.

Call today for your FREE catalogue and FREE DVD on all
Norwood portable sawmills (band sawmills and chain saw sawmills).

Toll-FREE at 1-800-567-0404
Michal Turna 23.11.2014, 06:57
I'm always fascinated what benefits can bring the integration of various equipment. Very smart tool :)
73 SUPERGLIDE 18.9.2014, 03:03
Ever slick 
iwantosavemoney 24.8.2014, 23:56
I have to say what smart well thought out product I can put it all on my four wheeler and take off. how much for one?
Blair Smith 20.7.2014, 09:39
I just bought it off of ebay. I hope it will work well for my stihl 70cc saw. If it doesn't I will sell it. A friend of mine redesigned the Alaskan chainsaw mill making it better.
потому что при обратном движении цепь идет ОТ пилы и будет отталкивать ствол, а упоров там нету с обратной стороны
Marvin Willis 14.5.2014, 12:38
So far, a solid build, but many kinks during assembly. just put mine together today. Quite a few scuffs and scratches and wore off paint. Some touch up paint would have been a plus. A small spray can and a touch up bottle brush. You can forget the stainless steel rollers which are now nylon. An extra set of rollers would have helped me feel a little better about this. I will go ahead and order two sets and hope this product is not discontinued any time soon. Bags were not labeled properly in accordance with manual and so far, it's been a harry ordeal. There are many bolts, nuts, washers and pieces pieces pieces. Much guessing of whether or not the right parts are included!!! I've got it mostly put together, waiting on the chainsaw. If parts would have been bagged properly and in better accordance with manual, the 3.5 hours I just spent could have been reduced to 30 to 40 minutes easy. Someone at Norwood needs to put one of these together and follow their own instructions.Better yet, watch someone who has never done it before and let them point out the mistakes. Also, the self tapping screws are almost impossible to get in, I'm not sure how I managed, but I did. Be very careful not to strip the heads. The post top bolt head broke off due to being a tight fit. It was definitely a cheaper quality that the other bolts included. All that being said, I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. My advise: take each bag of bolts screws and what not and lay on table/ground/tray etc where they will not be knocked around or lost. Keep each bag in a separate pile with original label. Labels tells you what is in each bag. There are well over 100 pieces or so, be careful. Make sure you have about 4 hours if you want to completely knock this out. The self tapping screws for the throttle or almost impossible. I would recommend replacing with bolts and nuts. When installing the post top bolt, be very careful. If I had it to do over, I would replace the cheap bolt. I will have to buy a special tool now to get this bolt out. Instruction pictures are pretty good, this should get you through. Just be patient. 
PARTIZAN7FOREVER 20.2.2012, 03:18
Не понял, почему он обратно не пилит, а возвращает пилу в исходное состояние...
Norwood Portable Sawmills 13.3.2013, 18:59
Hi. The PortaMill chainsaw sawmill costs $997 plus shipping and taxes if applicable. It does NOT include the chainsaw or the ladder. You can email Norwood directly in North America for more information or to order or call 1-800-567-0404. Thank you!
muki80501 29.1.2013, 04:20
koliko ovo košta i gdje se može nabaviti
Norwood Portable Sawmills 21.5.2013, 09:42
The PortaMill does come complete with a scale to mill lumber of different thicknesses and it does account for the kerf. Also, you can use a longer ladder by adding additional optional log clamping/support assemblies. But realistically, longer logs are typically (usually) wider logs and wider logs need a band sawmill to really do them justice.
Norwood Portable Sawmills 29.1.2013, 10:43
For sure! If you have really remote property that is only accessible by airplane or boat or ATV, then the PortaMill chainsaw sawmill is perfect. If your property is not quite so hard to access, you may be interested in investing in your own portable bandsaw sawmill.
Norwood Portable Sawmills 29.1.2013, 10:39
The log rests and log dogging clamps both pivot on a cross bar which allows you to lower them so that you can mill to within one inch of the bed.
Milutin958 10.1.2012, 12:26
Bravo majstore!!!
Craig Nelson 21.1.2012, 01:07
How do you cut the bottom 6 inches? The hold down clamps sit really high!
The PortaMill DOES have a scale to set your depth of cut and it does account for kerf. You can also add additional optional cross-bunk kits (which link up to the ladder) should you wish to mill longer logs (similar to adding log deck extensions to a band sawmill). Please feel free to visit the Norwood Sawmills website or call toll-free at 1-800-567-0404 to get a free info kit.
Hi. The PortaMill costs $997 plus shipping and taxes if applicable. You can email Norwood directly in North America to order or call 001-705-689-2800. Thank you!
royalbraindamage 7.1.2013, 23:23
So there is a need people have for plank making in remote areas? Kind a like get out of the house and go into nature, and then saw some planks..... to build a house?
Wouter d.B. 20.10.2011, 11:43
Never seen that before, interesting.
No1HillBilly 20.5.2013, 18:34
I don't know yet how that will affect this little mill.I see the possibility to put a scale on it to account for different thicknesses of bars(kerf).One drawback to this mill is going to be the length of the ladders available for track,and their ability to provide adequate support to obtain lumber that is straight and true.Many things to ponder.
Dana Drouin 21.7.2013, 04:01
I own this mill and don't recommend it. One problem is the end of the bar is not supported, so even the smallest force will cause the end of the bar to rise. Also, the chainsaw bar bolts support the full weight and force of the saw (turned sideways), which will cause your bar bolts to shear (3 times so far) and/or unseat from within the oil tank of the saw. The design is flawed. If Norwood redesigns this to support the bar end and reduce the strain on the chainsaw bar bolts, then it might work.
Dana Drouin 20.7.2013, 23:40
Bought this--have sheared 3 sets of chainsaw bar bolts so far, as that is what bears the vibration and forces of cutting using this mill (saw bolts onto the device using the chainsaw bar bolts in the saw). Sharp chain and 0 degree teeth don't change the problem--it is a design flaw of the mill. Now my $1000 saw leaks oil everywhere because the bar bolts are housed in the oil tank, and when they break out from the torque/vibration... Save your money--piece of junk!
Norwood Portable Sawmills 29.1.2013, 10:19
Hi. The PortaMill costs $997 plus shipping and taxes if applicable. You can email Norwood directly in North America to order or call 001-705-689-2800. Thank you!
Andrew Sherwin 30.10.2011, 22:10
I got their catalog yesterday. This mill is $997 with $89 shipping. The optional bar oiler is $68 with $14 shipping. Hope this helps!
Jackyrick99 13.3.2013, 03:54
what is price for complete set include engine ? what kind of engine ?

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