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GTA SA Amazing plane crash!


MTA San Andreas is a open source multiplayer modification for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and way better than SA:MP.
Matt At Minecraft 6.6.2014, 02:18
Ok... It's epic how it crashes, and it's sound omg
Missing Content 7.5.2014, 14:50
which fxt and animation mods do you have?
P. H.L.T 11.4.2014, 13:17
agim neli 13.4.2014, 13:04
hahahah lol
вы Русские ?? 
abdul barr 11.3.2014, 09:44
LOL!!!!!!!Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!and in slow motion the sound is very funnny.
XShield974X 7.3.2014, 19:25
Mazen Ashraf 21.2.2014, 09:58
stupid video
Sky Eye 14.2.2014, 17:14
What a waste of a perfectly fine Andromada.....
deninson lugo 17.11.2013, 10:37
no gta sa mta
gary smith 28.3.2014, 01:14
the funniest thing
Elias26 30.3.2014, 10:03
since you spawn that big plane in stucking the building and you refull your health back, dont impress me.
Mr. Kruvi 7.11.2013, 08:53
OMG lagg 
SlimePro1234 9.11.2013, 17:02
i like the sound uuuuuuh at the beginning.
Maged Zaki 2.3.2014, 15:35
stupid video
tolga yeşilyurt 23.11.2013, 19:22
end the ....... gta sa mod plane
snois2 15.7.2013, 12:15
a hardcore gangster like cj dont need that shit!!
this sound was so scratchy it made it funny when carl said I DONT NEED THIS SHIT
maxberger53 3.3.2013, 13:30
Lol :-)
Chris Maw 24.6.2013, 03:18
whf man
Pro bLeM. 29.7.2013, 16:50
WTF 2223k View Omg :O
Mike Blackburn 7.9.2013, 09:40
i don't see the amazing part of it,
Ryan Kray 17.7.2013, 17:24
Marisa Ilic 8.8.2013, 07:30
runs to plane: Nothing happined! :D
TommyBigShot Epic Videos! 24.7.2013, 16:27
nh :(

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