Minecraft — Christmas Day [45]

Part 46 — http://youtu.be/Da9EDUN_ubQ

This this video I have a merry minecraft Christmas with my friends.

Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

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stampylonghead 24.12.2013, 15:10
New Christmas video out tomorrow! I might even correct the spelling on Santa. ;)
Brian Patrick van Oers 30.8.2014, 19:37
The excitment was so much you failed many times in this vid (no hate) and it's a (realy big) bit late, but marry christmas
Beth Williams 19.9.2014, 12:02
5:40... i feel so loved!! because u r :)
Lindsey Waters 25.9.2014, 16:54
You spelled Santa rong
ricardo Bartolo 11.7.2014, 16:41
Stumped I like jr vduss 
Hannah Scott 19.9.2014, 02:47
Ilpo Surokivi 19.8.2014, 16:27
Stanta XD LOL 
William Rados 11.8.2014, 18:40
Why did you call Santa stanta
Emma 1566 20.8.2014, 13:55
You spelt Santa rong 
Epic Minecraft 2.9.2014, 18:14
I love your videos all of them And by the way I'm in your biggest fan
Sean Pollock 24.9.2014, 02:47
You spelt santa wrong
Sean kelleher 19.7.2014, 12:04
U wrote stanta
Luis Fernandez 25.9.2014, 20:45
Merry Xmas stampy if I have an Xbox and I play minecraft I will visit your world and become a helper 
James Maslin Bosher 12.7.2014, 17:31
Plz make a football stadium 
StRaW BrEe 6.7.2014, 11:32
you put Stanta
alloosh swalha 11.7.2014, 15:52
Uploaded on my birthday! :)
Scott Sommerdorf 1.9.2014, 11:58
what happened to chicken.i dont see him anymore in you dog selection
lewis king 3.9.2014, 08:42
You spelt Santa rong
MonsterMashers 29.9.2014, 17:37
same me or my brother can NEVER sleep
Hey u said stampylongnose but The youtube name said stapmylonghead and Why do u have two channals
Finley Richgels 31.8.2014, 21:00
merry christmas
Lana Cutie 27.9.2014, 16:42
Orion Bohren 26.9.2014, 01:21
Fred the Enderman? Where did he come from? I've never seen him before
AwesomeAGT 25.9.2014, 21:53
Putting cooked fish in a furnace. Great job stampy.
Richard Rampersad 22.9.2014, 18:56
lol he spend christmas like crap

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