Pinkie Pie Broke The World Again. . . My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic Incomplete Double K. O.

Yes I’m playing, yes i suck, yes both characters are being controlled by me simultaneously via keyboard, NO, i do not know any of the moves or whatever, NO i am not a tester, nor did i leak/distribute this, yes I’m guilty of being interested in it enough not being able to at least check it out, NO I’m not going to upload any other related videos of this in it’s current state, AND I AM NOT GOING TO UPLOAD the leaked package, period... don’t bother asking...

I mostly only made the video because i thought it interesting, funny in some specific places and clearly it is NOT any way an indication of «real» play NOR whatever the final product will be like because this game is nowhere NEAR being completed.

It’s quite unfortunate that the game was leaked, considering I’ve in the past ran into a similar situation in which a game that i was building on was leaked to others and i started getting bombarded by others for support when it was still in closed testing.

Really bites when people you thought you could trust drop the ball. Always seems to be one asshole sitting among good friends that ruins it for everyone.

Anywho... video recorded @ 720p... the game’s resolution settings are predefined however to retain best quality for youtube upload i’ve forced 720p... Runs beautifully though.

If there is anything i can take away from the unfortunate circumstances of the leak, it’s that I’m not even a «fighter» player, and the progress and such is very impressive and hope that work continues without any further «issues».

Good job Mane6... keep up the good work.

I am not at all affilirated or involved in the project
... do not ask me questions i will not answer anything that isn’t already public.

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