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How To Make a Homemade Euler’s Disc

This is my homemade Euler’s disc made from 4 metal discs I got from a broken hard drive. If spun on a smooth surface, the disc will spin between 45 seconds-1 minute. I used four discs for mine but I should have used about eight to make it correctly proportional. You can also use Cd’s or DVDs as well. Once again, the ratio of the diameter of the discs to the depth of them glued together must be 6:1 to reach optimal spinning time.
scabbybuttcrack 3.12.2013, 01:38
capatainnemo 5.2.2014, 14:07
@Mike Dornfest actually they DO work with a flat mirror !
aajjeee 23.1.2014, 20:46
to get that 6:1 I needed 17 hard drives (they were not all the same)
AHCGaming 15.1.2014, 15:42
Is it odd that when he started using the glue I actually smelt glue?
Nüb_Gaming 9.1.2014, 02:04
pupdrummer 9.1.2014, 05:30
"Now find any disks that will separate too easily, in this case, it's all of them" 
foxphyre 9.1.2014, 18:39
i get the feeling you don't understand the concept of RTV sealants
7Earthsky 5.1.2014, 20:27
How overly elaborate was the whole sticking cd's together? lol
DrigrX 9.1.2014, 02:51
Glue.. Or sealant.... 
Stephen O Byrne 1.1.2014, 19:46
Wait, go over that part about the gluing again?
War Wolf 28.12.2013, 01:35
There are some discs from a hard disk 
MegaSpeedy67 22.12.2013, 19:29
the instructions weren't clear enough, now my penis is stuck inside the disc hole, help.
James Blond 5.12.2013, 18:01
Do you have to use a mirror or a concave mirror?
GeoKan 7.12.2013, 10:23
Nice gluing tutorial... 
Tim Payne 25.11.2013, 12:31
Knock out the first 4 minutes, just say "glue all the discs together in a stack " yawn....
desalvo66 10.11.2013, 10:58
the concave mirror is the hard part.. make one of those..
wernher korff 18.10.2013, 16:56
dapanda13 9.1.2014, 17:09
Piece if advice before you watch: The first 5 minutes are how to glue CD's together.
Marty Carman 17.11.2013, 11:14
Here's a piece of practical advice for using product in a tube. Always squeeze from the bottom up.
pietzeekoe 15.11.2013, 08:58
Since when are DVD's made of metal?
Brian Matte 10.6.2013, 17:32
Did you seriously just say that? CDs, DVDs, and BDs are all 120mm in diameter... You must be thinking of "Mini CDs", which are 80mm in diameter. However, they are rarely used anymore.
Jaap van der Velde 4.10.2013, 18:19
apply it liberally
TheOnlyMunchkinSoup 26.7.2013, 19:58
Maybe if you let the glue dry they wouldn't come apart so easily/
Nitro Gaming 18.6.2013, 20:08
Laser discs
James 22.5.2013, 07:49
that was awesome!

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