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Super Smash Flash 2 v0. 8a — How To Turn Super Saiyan 3!

A new, better version of the other old video I made many months ago since I didnt know how to play as Goku very much. Play this great game if your bored at:
John Ric Rabe 31.10.2014, 02:25
dude im talking about how to turn himself to a super saiyan 3 permanently not with an attack
Ilian Dafchev 10.9.2014, 08:36
lol i know that i was thinking there was some wai to make him in that mode for more than just 1 attack
sakib al-akik 26.11.2013, 14:41
how do u turn goku super saiyan
Yeasin Khan 23.3.2014, 11:49
you double press speaicl!
Sora Uchiha 30.12.2013, 23:50
u need smash ball to turn super sayian also u didnt turn ssj3 u only turned ssj and used dragon fist so u turned ssj3 for like 2 secs and 2 when u won u only turned ssj3 for again like 2 secs
javier dean 2.1.2014, 21:32
he never ssj3 all he did is dragon fist
vanon2000 1.7.2013, 09:32
i can turn really big in version 8 and stay big and get bigger
mikeflash2160 19.1.2012, 21:39
i knew this since v0.7...
CrazyFr3akLp 19.11.2012, 16:42
how can i make dragon fist ?
Xanderon77 9.2.2013, 08:19
Spirit bomb was nerfed to hell in the lastest patch, used to be the strongest attack in the game, even though it didn't have killing power. Meh, I'll just stick with Sora :D
smaragdchaos 17.3.2013, 07:24
You must hit your opponent with the Aura charging, it's gay I know. Also you can go SSj3 only when using dragon fist or Full powered Kamehame ha.
TheYLC Minecraft 1.1.2013, 03:10
Don't you even know how to do the SPRIT BOMB!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!
300fusionfall 13.1.2013, 04:20
how to turn ssj4?
groove c 29.8.2012, 17:11
quita lo blanco
MrIkillgamers 12.1.2012, 23:11
poor goku they made him so weak i feel so bad for him
Khalid Ali 10.3.2013, 14:27
mac rse 17.1.2013, 18:28
o is special p is attack i is block and u is grab
rosa ujang 23.7.2013, 22:50
i dont know how to charge in v 9 so i jsut do v 8
Sean941996 29.1.2012, 23:22
@BlazingBlue11 omg how u know goku but u call it "giant ball" _._ its spirit bomb
BlazingBlue11 20.1.2012, 11:46
you can make a giant ball, but it will consume your final smash power
rivenson louissaint 23.3.2013, 10:07
v.09 is better
TheJack1033 1.11.2012, 11:17
how to go super sayin
EMCvids 10.3.2013, 19:27
you take the smash ball and hit (left or right) + special c: I figured out every little thing Goku can do in that game XD he's favorite character!
minato yondaime hokage 10.3.2013, 11:16
i can do kaioken but ssj 3 no i can't :/ !!
XxFrosty17xX 26.4.2013, 10:26
....No crap.

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