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Paul Potts «Surprise performance in Germany»

This was shot as a surprise performance in Germany’s biggest shopping center.
The idea was to create awareness of Paul being on tour in Germany and to promote the release of his new album as well.
The audience loved it and Paul got a standing ovation. Clips and images of the performance were all over the web instantly and the viral was launched via youtube.
Tho Tran 5.1.2015, 15:34
I don't like opera but when I listen to him, I feel it so emotional. His voice is beautiful and powerful.
RODNEY P 23.3.2015, 07:02
This is awesome. This had to be a very nice surprise to those shoppers in that mall. Just awesome.
Fracio Medrano 4.3.2015, 20:56
I don't think we would appreciate his talent in an American Mall.. sorry to say my fellow countrymen here have cheap musical taste.
Carolyn F. 21.12.2014, 13:03
My favorite opera singer of all time. Paul Potts. I could listen to him for hours. I've never like opera until I heard him sing it. Opera used to grain on my nerves. I wouldn't listen to ANY opera singer. Paul's voice relaxes me. It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing this video. Loved it!!:-)
Semi-Moron Epsilon 28.2.2015, 04:57
What a beautiful treat at the food court!
Dan Frost 17.2.2015, 13:33
To walk into the middle of a Shopping Mall & start singing, that takes guts.
Andrew Lee 2.3.2015, 07:56
very humble person keep it up and success will be always with you...
Glenroy Mclean 24.2.2015, 10:14
It is absolutely wonderful
Labyrinth1959 14.3.2015, 20:35
Best opera singer in the world!
tom ten 10.3.2015, 13:14
dit is zo gaaf.heeft iemand trouwens het optreden van paul pots samen met amira in zuid africa gezien,werkelijk ongelovelijk.
Labyrinth1959 12.3.2015, 01:05
A national anthem for all mankind. If 2:24 doesn't bring choking tears to your eyes then you have no heart. If this were the last sound I hear before I die, I will die a happy man
Heinz Pichler 8.1.2015, 11:07
Actually, I was never interested in opera, until I first heard Paul Pott. I love this humble man and his voice so much. Thank you Paul, you are a gift of god.
Yvette Doucet 11.3.2015, 16:41
trop beau!
Benington Rivera 17.1.2015, 16:57
maybe in my country this song so diff then other song but i like him because of his incredible voice.
nuller2001 22.10.2014, 00:16
Thank good he dont sell mobil phones.. any more...,,,, 
Tom Schot 21.3.2015, 00:43
Great vibes!
Thúy An Phan 8.3.2015, 12:49
This was just something... so so beautiful in this world. The way he walked in and sang it, the way people there came to see him, the way all of that happened... just so great.
TheALan556 8.3.2015, 02:16
Take a look at this video on YouTube:
Mukan4ik 12.4.2015, 05:47
Почему они все записываю его пение на свои говнокамеры? Зачем? Нельзя ли просто посидеть и послушать с удовольствием?
Homer Stillwell 3.4.2015, 16:21
I never thought I liked opera either, and perhaps I wouldn't. But when you sit and listen to this, and find yourself wiping your eyes and taking deep breaths ... SOMETHING is going on, for sure. I think I need to go see Paul in person and open my mind a bit. VERY powerful. It may be one of those things you either get, or you don't. But now, whenever I need an uplift, I watch this, or his Nessun Dorma performance in Japan. MAN can he hit that long, high note! Viva Paul Potts!
charlemagne de valmont 28.3.2015, 10:45
tout est beau
Dana Buinicki 21.12.2014, 03:14
Every time we continue to listen to that voice in our heads that tells us our dreams, (whatever they may be, how ever unachievable they may seem), are long gone and we're too old for them to come true, listen to this man. 
lomate lomatey 3.3.2015, 21:19
Bit more practice and he be able turn professional 😬 
Claude Rains 1.11.2014, 06:20
This guy sounds good in a corn field! He still brings joy to my ears even if it's shopping mall!

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