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Super Smash Flash 2 v0. 8a/0. 8b — How To Unlock Captain Falcon!

I cleared all my data so I can show how to get Captain Falcon because I kept getting a lot of comments on how to get him so there you guys go. Play this game at:
Gabriel Smith 1.11.2014, 01:00
This game looks so cool! I already have smash for the 3ds, but this would be awesome for someone who didn't!
Fabio Rochi 7.11.2014, 11:50
quew porcaria e essa 
ClarksGamerVideos 11.9.2014, 18:15
Oh and by the way check out venturiantale on youtube
Umm why is tails in? 
minersVSmobs 12.6.2014, 14:12
awesome game :D
love moimoi 24.8.2014, 12:17
good work
ClarksGamerVideos 11.9.2014, 18:14
I play that all the time
Kevin Berrios 17.8.2014, 18:59
Mario sucks
Shaundelle Jones 9.8.2014, 13:50
nina wojnowska 25.7.2014, 16:10
Ellis Hoang 19.7.2014, 21:27
Thx a lot man! Liked and captain falcon is so strong in flash
raed tayyib 31.7.2014, 13:07
SUPERMARIOJUSTAN 10.6.2014, 16:36
its fun but laggs
legofun546 1.7.2014, 15:24
My computer crashed when i almost defeated captain falcon, i got so pissed so I quit...
Gabriel Demiquei Costa 3.7.2014, 18:09
GetBord 16.10.2012, 10:35
anything u can think of doing on ssf2 item switch 1v1 score breaking on break the targets or whatever else
Trainer Hinaru 15.11.2012, 09:04
skip to 1:20
Ceasar Medley 9.9.2012, 21:24
Jen Oreto 22.12.2012, 15:20
how do u get c falcon in demo
MrGohanT25 25.11.2012, 10:04
does it hav to be mario?
NanTheDark 26.9.2012, 21:08
One's never too old for games. :)
Pohatu Master of Stone 28.2.2013, 15:57
How could you do that to Kirby?
Shalashaska Selkadoom 10.1.2013, 16:46
thx man
Wingul Nova 30.3.2013, 20:06
when the full game is released
melissa gokey 18.3.2013, 09:27

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