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Minecraft Mob Talker Chapter 2:Andr the Enderman

Starting through another tale being told. Andr the Enderwoman.

Link to Mob Talker Files:

How To Make Scripts Chapter 0:

How To Install Chapter 7:

Next Chapter — Chapter 3: Charlotte the Ghast:

Previous Chapter — Chapter 1: Cupa the Creeper:

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foxhunter29 25.8.2014, 15:04
May be a little late, but for background songs I recommend the Cianwood City theme from Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver.
Johnathan Coats 4.8.2014, 19:00
Still a better love story then twilight 
supersonic3000 28.7.2014, 16:21
y no sound other than intro and ending
dwun li 24.7.2014, 16:54
I know the intro and outro song. Is it the Angel Beats ending? Anyway this one was like the last one, but it still had the same result on me. It would have been better if both stories connected, but still, so sad.
Mustache Neko 21.7.2014, 20:23
i did come back! but i didn't see you so i gave up..~andr
Jearick Anthony 14.7.2014, 16:54
the pig is a spy lol
Binomialshiz Rodrigues 21.6.2014, 23:12
FandT Gaming 13.6.2014, 11:27
That's so sad (︶︹︺) poor guy
Binomialshiz Rodrigues 21.6.2014, 23:11
Joshua Toledo 21.5.2014, 01:44
Atoll a better love story than twilight
FandT Gaming 13.6.2014, 08:59
Awww the end tho :'( that's sad.poor guy :(
Creeperboy176 15.4.2014, 00:59
This is unexpectable
jayjay johnrivera 29.3.2014, 11:40
I gotta crush on endergirl
andrea couto 1.4.2014, 21:55
The endergirl is me
tobi Gallwas 31.3.2014, 11:30
awwwwww poor guy D:
Klayroll Ivan Quintos 12.3.2014, 10:18
I really love enderman im going to download this mod if the mine craft is for FREE
Vinh Nguyễn Đức 9.3.2014, 01:27
will u do some more
Klayroll Ivan Quintos 12.3.2014, 10:17
Awesome when will be there a season 2 cause I watched all of this 7× ...on episode 6 or 8 cupa and andr will come back sad but make more pls.... I love this part cause my favorite mobs are creeper, ender man and snow golem.
Ilaria P. 12.11.2013, 17:54
Minecraft Mob Talker Chapter 2:Andr the Enderman +Andr Sheishin 
Jimmy Booden 15.1.2014, 00:04
pi guess the mutant enderman is andr's mother ans the other endermen
dreamerz 10.1.2014, 19:55
It always is sad but good at the end
tulgey G 26.12.2013, 11:35
Jimmy Booden 15.1.2014, 00:03
pi guess the mutant enderman is andr's mother ans the other endermen
Leonard Juan 27.11.2013, 11:16
My favourite mob is enderman, creeper, snowgolem, ghast, spider, spider sister 
Andr Street 16.3.2014, 17:31
my name is andr

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