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Sinking Simulator (Let’s Play Sinking Simulator Sandbox Edition) + Download Link

Let’s Play Sinking Simulator! Sinking Simulator Sandbox Edition is a 2D physic sandbox to simulate objects sinking in water. Use your creativity to make the most awesome structure and watch it sink to the ground of the ocen!

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Download Sinking Simulator 1.2 for free here:

Music in the Intro by Kevin MacLeod (

Let’s Play Sinking Simulator, the first 2d sinking simulator ever!


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TheDarkWolf 24.10.2014, 16:00
My dad could help update the game. He writes program for a living.
gamecave 45 5.5.2014, 05:49
Why did I get an add for S.T.E.R.O.I.D.S!? 
christopher stock 16.7.2014, 12:38
u suck so much
Rebecca Hurst 31.3.2014, 16:52
Is this on the app store?
Aman Arora 20.10.2014, 20:27
Pause at 6:05... Titanic scene!
alex cracan 17.7.2014, 07:01
the link doesn t work for me D:
Felix Homis 8.9.2014, 00:15
can someone tell me how to find this damn game i have the sand box but where the hell is the game?????????????
Thomas Siemsen 14.9.2014, 01:58
I cannot tell your accent where are you from?
Andrea Long 30.8.2014, 21:07
When I clicked on the link it took me to a website saying download sinking ship simulator when I clicked on that my laptop got really laggy and everything stopped responding so I shut down. When I rebooted my antivirus software told me that I had multiple threats that had appeared. 
józsef zoltán könnyű 27.8.2014, 06:05
Vantage: Prehistoric Simulation MMO try this
Tyler Zelek 10.8.2014, 19:06
This should be an app
TW1603 Gaming 29.6.2014, 10:49
How do you zoom in and out?
anthony lambing 4.3.2014, 22:08
how do u open this game? i have sandbox
Lukian Davoudian 14.5.2014, 16:35
Sheeshed up video.
Bentley Hulshof 17.5.2014, 23:54
they're called BULKHEADS not separators
Birdman 9.12.2013, 16:13
You can blow things up for no reason in minecraft!
Silver light 6.4.2014, 11:20
Can you Tell Me How you Made Your Ships so Big So Quickley?... Thanks!!!!!
Reapod 11.3.2014, 17:53
plese be free download
James Perkins 5.3.2014, 14:45
Do more
William Pegrum 26.2.2014, 18:42
this game is sort of like if kirbys epic yarn and titanic had a child.
Wich program did he use to edit pls tell me The game image Pd im on my phone
Erwin Chavez 22.2.2014, 22:59
Shaggy is that you
Awesome game thx for showing me
gamerboy2200 24.1.2014, 13:44
You should do a vid on how to download this game
Pac0 Master 18.1.2014, 01:01
Just wanted to say i made a mini update to the game. Added colours and worked on the materials. Its for 1.2 since 1.3 is unstable.

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