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Captain Claw — Docks at Night (custom level)

This custom level was built by me (Zuczek) a few years ago, but I decided to record it, because it is easy to play and very enjoyable, I think. Don’t forget to rate this video, comment (if you like) and susbcribe to my channel if you haven’t yet.

Remember that you can download Claw for free from The Claw Recluse Site:
LethalPwnager 1.7.2009, 15:18
jezeli zagram, to tylko część poziomu, tak aby filmik trwał do 10 min.
Ping 7.6.2009, 12:37
Wow! Nice custom level. You should make more videos of custom levels. ;-)
Romario Vaz 16.10.2010, 04:13
@LethalPwnager look at the custom level death path v1.1 there are floorspikes
lukasghf 1.7.2009, 11:21
aha i pytanie - czy nagrywasz? bo strasznie dobra jakość :)
Sauber9 2.10.2010, 21:28
@LethalPwnager Great answer, Pawel. Besides, do you have any technique that can be used to defeat the ''snails'' the ones which carry bombs and the others that don't carry any )black and blue). Because although I've been playing claw through all these years I've not already found a way that can be safely used against them only Magic Claw or Dynamites.
LethalPwnager 19.1.2011, 06:06
@MagnitudePerson yes, of course ;)
LethalPwnager 5.1.2011, 06:52
@MagnitudePerson of course it would be more fun, but every single level has its special 256 colour palette (because the game was in 8bit), so that's the main reason why you cant combine levels
Marjan Kocoski 13.10.2012, 15:58
LiKe A BoSs
Marius Bakken 18.6.2010, 13:06
this is not a custom level it's level seven of the Claw game
LethalPwnager 21.6.2010, 04:25
@MrJonny2700 yes, it is, and what's more, it's created by me.
Romario Vaz 16.10.2010, 05:27
@LethalPwnager look at the level fawlty towers. Claw says 'This will take some careful strategy.' I tried doing that but he didnt say anything
LethalPwnager 9.6.2009, 04:55
jak chcesz zebym nagral jakis konkretny poziom, to mi powiedz.
Ping 7.6.2009, 12:54
Cool. I'll be sure to watch!
MagnitudePerson 4.1.2011, 13:14
@LethalPwnager Are you saying that you cant mix some level-specific things (like from Level 2) to Level 3 or 1? That sucks, it would be more fun if you could mix all stuff together, could create more too.
Alexandru-Ionut Popescu 17.4.2012, 08:53
Where can i upload my custom level?
LethalPwnager 3.10.2010, 03:27
@Sauber9 well, there are not many of them, try to beat crabs when they are leaving their hole, but when you are late and they're already on the land, use magic claws - you won't spend many...
LethalPwnager 15.10.2010, 12:00
@Romariotvaz sorry i cant help you, its not possible to mix levels
LethalPwnager 16.2.2012, 11:52
@YouDanyBroadcastDany yea
lukasghf 1.7.2009, 11:20
a może nagraj Grand Maze? troche taki filmik potrwa :)
LethalPwnager 16.10.2010, 04:37
@Romariotvaz yeah, but they are there by default, i mean, the level designers just didnt use them, the floorspikes are in level 10 folder that's why you can place them
LethalPwnager 1.7.2009, 15:18
ten filmik nagrywalem Frapsem
LethalPwnager 19.12.2009, 14:11
yes you can, go to claw recluse site anddownlaod level editor (from downloads)
Romario Vaz 15.10.2010, 10:20
can you tell me how to add art from one level to another level using wapworld ? is it possible?
Marius Bakken 18.6.2010, 13:09
@wiizter To activate god mode type in MPKFA during gameplay. PS: to jump higher type in MPJORDAN
MagnitudePerson 16.1.2011, 12:40
Where can i get this level? Is it on The Claw Recluse?

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