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Mine Blocks — 2D MINECRAFT?? — Part 1

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Hilary Liang 13.8.2014, 16:52
What a noobie i just started my first time and fout 30 diamonds i square your a noobie
Miguel Polidano 8.5.2014, 14:27
wow you are such a NOOB on my 1st day I built a tower +found 5 diamonds ps:your voice is so annoying lol
Relvie Wohengu 29.3.2014, 10:52
TJa Smith 9.3.2014, 00:48
That's all he did on his first day? Noob.
AABFJS1284 1.3.2014, 12:04
Bambo is like sticks dumb 
ryan ashley 22.4.2014, 06:35
Cmon dudes his just his first time to play that
ElectroMike's Channel 11.6.2013, 06:03
there is this on hackedarcadegames, the hack just makes you invincible
Yaahoo Dupid 4.8.2013, 23:29
Oh my god, this was 4 fricken months ago. Can you get over it? Jeez. My account is dead, so no replys.
solider hencefreedom 10.7.2013, 21:02
BuuHanTanks 8.10.2012, 17:38
This game is awesome!
Saige powers-collins 9.9.2013, 18:33
and what you going to do so what
Saige powers-collins 27.6.2013, 23:36
no its rude to be mean
connor horman 3.2.2013, 12:12
241423 is great
Henny Rouizi 1.3.2013, 06:10
Did you know there is sometimes chests with awesome stuff behind it
Fuck off YouTube
Landon Wiersma 24.3.2013, 10:10
kid youre certanly something but its not boss nor beast and a silly noodle
armands429 30.8.2013, 02:51
your a noob
nexus8765 9.9.2013, 00:29
not really hes just saying his opinion and he does have a point, it is a knock off of minecraft
BrolySSJ789 30.9.2013, 20:43
but still, not everyone can afford minecraft. my computer won't even let me play so im waiting till it comes to playstation
Daniel Gerner 16.3.2013, 18:43
Is he 7?
Saige powers-collins 6.6.2013, 18:45
shut up his young and mine blocks is free were not all rich like you
CraftlyMine 2.7.2012, 20:56
Do you play normal minecraft?
Henny Rouizi 1.3.2013, 06:11
Behind the stone wall
kid jajajajajajajjajajaj ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
MOOKIE SMITH 7.8.2013, 08:43
Its amazing - 0 - lolz

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