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Classic Christmas Songs: Mormon Tabernacle Choir — Carol Of The Bells

Mormon Tabernacle Choir — Carol Of The Bells
jing lu 13.11.2014, 10:42
leida alvarez 12.6.2014, 17:33
i like song
TheJanoMozdzanowski 15.3.2014, 08:43
Das ist so verdammt awesome.
Happygoaty Goaty 28.11.2013, 11:04
burger king song?
edgar fuentes 20.12.2013, 00:05
i love this song!!
Sharonell Jones 14.12.2013, 19:39
Beautiful - 
Gypsyfied 9.12.2013, 22:09
Im guessing your mormon? 0_o (that was a bad joke)
DaBIONICLEFan 10.12.2013, 02:47
Home Alone!!
StarWarsObsession42 24.11.2013, 13:33
I love motab. Hope to get into it someday :)
seatlesurfer 8.11.2013, 00:38
The MTC is so great! Their voices blend like MAGIC. I loved the tv Christmas special with Natalie Cole. Another of my favorite Christmas you tube songs: Spirit of Christmas by John Starley Allen new video. Peace.
AnelyMG 24.12.2010, 23:26
This song gives me chills, goose bumps and the whole works, such a beautiful work of art! Amazing what humans are capable of! I love it!!! <3
Vic DaMone 12.12.2012, 19:36
Oh look here comes Jesus, and he doesnt look to happy.... Merry Christmas everyone
Kim Webb 17.12.2011, 20:58
I love thiss. :)
Connie Mae Johnson 11.12.2012, 16:23
You are right on both counts, seatlesurfer! The MTC is a musical treasure that never ceases to delight. The Choir is powerful, inspiring--the Choir can move you to tears or make you want to rise and shout Hosanna! And secondly, John Starley Allen's "The Spirit of Christmas" is my new favorite holiday song!
murdoc385 24.12.2010, 02:17
is this the same one on the target commercial?
Michelle h 13.9.2011, 19:03
I want it to be christmas now... wtf
turtle61071 16.12.2012, 15:25
I thought i was gonna hear bells: can't stop the ringing in my head!
insanelysirius 24.12.2010, 21:30
@9124Nove idiots with no taste in music. this might be the best christmas song ever. seriously
ElRadioLatina 9.12.2010, 20:18
@omiolo2 thank you so glad you like my vid...
CTCCustoms 23.12.2010, 22:18
Merry Christmas To All And A Happy New Years. Best Christmas Song Out There.
ElRadioLatina 12.12.2010, 01:37
@Laars28 I am so pleased that you like it thank you... i made this 2 years ogo this fool stole it from me... it was on my old channel ChicanoOldiesRuca
ElRadioLatina 5.12.2010, 17:30
@JFfpaintzAndDrawings thanks glad you enjoyed it...
FryChicken 29.11.2010, 15:52
John Dudek 12.12.2012, 12:33
Can anyone do it better???? No!!!
Renten67 4.3.2011, 20:40
i wish i was in my choir at the time that they sang this but i joined too late

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