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Stampylongnose — Road To 5000 Subscribers

This is a special video montage that displays some highlights from my road to 5000 subscribers. Thank you everyone that helped and supported me with achieving this landmark. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Sebastian Emery 18.7.2014, 09:32
U r the most gayest shit in the world don't record u 4 year old
Wyatt Harty 5.9.2014, 18:19
Excelsior Games 23.11.2014, 14:02
and now you have 3 mil ive been watching you for almost 2 years now and I have never missed a vid
Abubakr Elmallah 22.11.2014, 22:06
The next video you are going to do can I be in your love garden pleaseeee.
Sea Guardian 6.11.2014, 07:01
Last year you had 5,000 subscribers, Now has 4 million? what the heck happened?
Gillian Waterworth 18.11.2014, 13:48
I feel so exited for you 
captin dimond gold 3.11.2014, 13:38
Anushree Das 21.10.2014, 17:40
Dear stampy, well done for reaching five thousand subscribes I support you from a smaill level all the way to this level and I like stampy and lee and balastic squid and amy lee well done stampy once again im watching this back 
TheFunkyHippo 16.6.2014, 13:00
Valerie Vanora 1.6.2014, 05:16
2:55 is that mean CaptainSparkez is a friend of Stampy?
TheDiamondKing3 21.10.2014, 18:26
4,000,000 subscribers
Speeding B 10.7.2014, 08:08
I mean stampy dumb auto correct 
james EFSTATHIOU 6.9.2014, 04:49
I love stampy
trooper 1709 25.11.2014, 06:00
How do people like this gay cunt? Its just sum 80 year old with a 2 year olds voice playing xbox minecraft with a fucking pixelated dog as her best fucking friend and a gay accent that sounds like shes going through a voice crack while having sex while having a period 
Karma Gypsy 28.6.2014, 23:10
And what was that video called with cake everywhere? PS who ever tells me gets 5 free subs yep I have 5 cause of all of my friends
Deonte Dunbar 14.11.2014, 18:39
When stampy wasn't a complete dick head 
Victoria Ferrier 17.11.2014, 15:24
Tara Aldrich 16.11.2014, 08:14
Don't leave stampy 
Jose Romero 19.11.2014, 16:37
Karina J 10.11.2014, 20:48
Yay for stampy cat yay!!!!!!!!!!!! :) yayayayayayayayayay
Penny Wagner 17.11.2014, 18:58
Good job!😄
Trouble-Making Art Gamer 9.11.2014, 06:18
Now 4 million and next 5 and a half million cause your so awesome
Mermaid97042 B 15.11.2014, 14:37
the ad before watching the vid,was the dumbest ways to die XD!!
Kaylin Von Bergen 11.11.2014, 13:41
I'm watching this now even though I've watched before when your over 4,000,000 subs and I feel like I want to cry. Lol thanks for everything your amazing. 
amatkotek K 8.11.2014, 20:58
Your real name is Joseph Garret right? You know how? Lee told me! ^ U ^

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