Dawn of War 2: Retribution | Grey Knights - Elite Mod

Author: Indrid Casts

Views: 49868

Likes: 375

Dislikes: 11

3.19.1 + Elite Mod 2.0.5

Listen to Indrid ramble about the new Grey Knights faction implemented by the Elite Mod team. Grey Knights are still work in progress, so everything is subject to change and further balance tweaks.



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Features music from Kevin MacLeod @ incompetech.com
  • josh sutton
    It would be cool if you did this with each fraction
  • UnmotivatedGenius
    Is there a way to have this mod while also having say something like 250
    unit cap?
  • Jordan Sellner
    I wish they could add the dreadknight in the mod
  • Daniel Hurtig
    Next up: Reaver Titan.
  • Matthew Brady
    No Dreadknight? Could be a cool god unit.
  • Jacob Sailer
    Always thought it was cool that Stormtroopers were a Tier 1 unit, so they
    end up being your standard infantry. I always felt Stromtroopers should
    have been kept in a separate Inquisitional and Grey Knights, instead of
    Guard. I just think that having Kasrkins and Grenadiers instead of Troopers
    always made a little bit more sense for the Guard. 
  • Oliver Allen
    Those aren't psycannons @ 18:40, those are psilencers, which are garbage vs
    most everything that's not low armor infantry/daemons. 
  • Lord Inquisitor
    oh man thanks for this vid this mod is awesome :D
  • Ckris Francisco
    Mod doesnt work after i downloaded it :(
  • Kevin Rouse
    Ehh, Dawn of War 2 is more factions and stuff. x-x Not like Dawn of War
    where you just get errything almost. >_>
  • Kevin Rouse
    So.. Grey Knights aren't in Dawn of War 2? :S
  • Richard Schutte
    hehe nicely said
  • Shiskebab616
    I hope that they will include the Thousand Sons in the next dawn of war
    game. It is my favorite chapter <3
  • Indrid Casts
    I don't have any direct say, but I throw out ideas on the forums as
    everyone does.
  • d0bst3r
    hey indrid, do you contribute to the ideas in new factions or have any say
    to what is to be created?
  • d0bst3r
    of course not
  • iiBrody
    no its a power glaive forgeworld olabels it as bit parts not specifically
  • NinjaHawkHD
    dreadknights would be awesome o0o
  • DerOrk
    Grey Knights use Voicelines from Space Marines and Imperial Guard, so I
    would think they work in every other language too, but I never tested it.
  • Kvek E.
    Yes, there are a lot of players (even tho a lot of douchebags which you
    shouldn't even take seriously)
  • ze1artist
    In the next mod they should have Tau because you already have the commander
    in last stand, and they wouls be sick to play as.
  • FPSGamerGuy
    Grey knights need to be a playable race in the campaign of future DOW's.
    That would be sick. "Daemons and heretics will fall before us!"
  • LaGrand Andrews
    I finally got the game. Well, it will be here Friday! ^_^ Soon, I can
    purchase DoW merchandise sooner as my career takes off (finally) xD Now,
    they just need to do a MMORPG and a TV series (movie). >:)
  • ElmortoSen
    matt ward approved.
    *grey knights
    i have dread knights but cant use it in skirmishes
  • JohnDillinger121212
    This mod is only on english version?
  • hector kamvoussioras
    if i buy the then i will have gray knights
  • Indrid Casts
  • TheLordOfFools
    Does this require Retribution to work?
  • BorkaBonum
    The game is on sale mostly all of the time. Just buy the game, it's not a
    big deal.
  • Talis17118
    Nice video, thanks
  • Mikey Hawkins
    No Dreadknights?
  • Duarte Gp
    I still stand by my opinion: there are enough land raiders in the mod. Also
    I no longer see the team (which for some reason I never bothered to look
    at) as mysterious as crystal dragons.
  • Indrid Casts
    *sigh* They gave the Grey Knights a Land Raider because that is what was
    made for them. The Grey Knights used in Elite Mod are from another earlier
    mod, they had no control over what models they had to use.
  • Duarte Gp
    I was just assuming that you were talking about the guy who decides what
    gets and doesn't get added to the mod. But still, they gotta stop telling
    them to add land raiders to everyone, 3 is enough.
  • Indrid Casts
    Uh what? Who's "he"? The team in charge of Elite are not
    modellers/animators and did not create the Grey Knights used in the mod,
    they were made by someone else and are used with permission. Hence they
    can't just add what they want.
  • Duarte Gp
    That excuse is way overused by now. It's true, he needs to make something
    original, but that excuse that you just used is no excuse at all anymore, 3
    land raiders is already enough.
  • Towlie Towelson
    @29min Yeah, Paladins on the tabletop have 2 wounds, while regular
    terminators have 1
  • Towlie Towelson
    It's a Grey Knight Dreadnought weapon. No really, that's the forgeworld
  • Towlie Towelson
    Now if they got Grey Knights into the campaign... that would be sick.
  • 501st Special Operations
  • Cooper Bernal
    this original game the balance is crap elite mod balance it sucks dow 2
    generally it sucks
  • Indrid Casts
    Not installing it after having already bought it because you have some
    vague dislike of Steam for the most ridiculous and paranoid reasons is
    madness. Everyone has a "say" over what you can and cannot do, that's what
    a software license is. They used Steam because it bring lots of benefits
    (updates, multiplayer and so on). Not to annoy you. Your outlook is very
    strange and I hope you get over your hate for a very popular and awesome
    game service so you can enjoy this game.
  • Indrid Casts
    The Elite Mod goes into the directory that the game is in, I don't think it
    arbitrarily needs to be in the Steam directory, It does need the latest
    version of Retribution to work though, and you need Steam to be able to
    update. I'm confused. You have the game, but have no intention of
    installing it, so how will you play it at all mod or not? You could have
    just TRIED to install it by now instead of asking me about it for days.
  • Shatter
    No, you misunderstand. I bought the boxed copy in order to support Relic,
    but I have no intention of installing it because, as I said, I don't like
    Steam. Can the Elite mod only be installed into Steam directories? If
    that's the case, just say so.
  • Indrid Casts
    There are no non-Steam versions, all copies must be activated on Steam
    regardless of where/how you buy them.
  • Shatter
    So is that it? No assistance with installing the mod without Steam? Are
    people with boxed versions of the software just left out?
  • Shatter
    It's mainly a conflict of principle. My computer belongs to me, and I don't
    like the idea of giving an outside party any degree of "say" over what I
    can and cannot install and use on my own property. I'm a developer myself,
    so I fully support Relic. But I do not like Steam.
  • Indrid Casts
    I'd like to hear a valid reason why someone would "hate Steam". Do they
    dislike convenience? You can even play offline, all you need to do is
    validate it online once in Steam. A lot less time consuming than illegally
    downloading the entire thing.